How It Works

Mentor Signs up

Mentor mentions skills and experience he/she possesses

Mentee Signs Up

Mentee mentions mentoring goals


An automated search of the most suitable mentors to a mentee is made. Mentors are ranked on a percentage scale based on suitability to a mentee

Match Making

Based on the ranking of search results, the most suitable mentor is matched with the mentee


Mentor supports mentee in achieving mentoring goals through constant communication for 5 months


At the end of the 5 month membership, both the mentor and mentee will have the opportunity to rate each other

Criteria for selecting a Mentor

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in his/her field
  • Can invest 2 hours a month to communicate with the mentee
  • Can mentor at least one person within 5 months
Become a Mentor

Criteria for selecting a Mentee

  • Holds a university or polytechnic degree
  • Can invest at least four hours a month to personal development with minimum of two hours of interaction with their mentor.
Become a Mentee
Be action-oriented and create a great passion to succeed